No Forehead Creases. No Tight Ties Discomfort.
No Overnight Slippage.

Band/It elastic durag band is changing the hair care game

Hair care can be a challenge when your durag slips constantly. If you're tired of dealing with creases and headaches due to tight ties, Band/It elastic durag band is for you.

These comfortable, stylish durag bands are designed to...

  • Make a statement
  • Avoid cutting off blood flow to the temples
  • Preserve waves while exercising and sleeping
  • Secure excess material without the need for ties
Band/It come in your choice of blue, red, white or gold Band/It logos. The best part? Each band is only $7 plus tax.

Band/It products are available at select barbershops, boutiques and at various locations near you. To place an order online, visit the Contact Us page now (minimum order of 2).

Become a local Band/It retailer

Affordable, high-quality hair care products can be hard to come by, so it's a good thing you've found Band/It website. By selling our easy-to-wear elastic durag bands, you can...

  • Provide your customers with a product they can't find anywhere else
  • Draw in a younger crowd to your barbershop or storefront
  • Support a local self-made entrepreneur
If you're interested in becoming a Band/It retailer, reach out to us today.