My Story

Since growing up in the closely knit community of Corona Queens, New York, I have been an individual for positive aspirations.

Financial empowerment has never really been a personal motivation. I grew into a desire for more spiritual and societal growth. A yearn for a more respectable social recognition and position.

My parents, close relatives, elders of the community, and yes, even academic teachers, are the ones responsible for the overall cultivation of this man today.

Not to exclude the greater movement of the Black Panthers. Yes, I said it!

My brothers and I were part of those that were gathered and fed a hot breakfast as we waited for the bus to school. And they made sure we were ready for that bus. To this day, I recall that they were not just a radical Black movement, they were a righteous movement. Today, their cries are echoed in those of Black Lives Matter. Same cries. Same ethnic makeup. Black, White, Hispanics. "Righteous".

Adolescence influenced me to the then birth of the Rap Culture. At the age of 16, I came home from a juvenile detention center (okay, so I wasn't the greatest kid).

My brother "Andy Gee" was talking in rhymes, and I was enthralled. I said, "Yo, what's that you're doing?" He said "Rapping." Right then, I became Ronnie Gee.

Still, of the age of 16, I went on to write, produce, arrange, and perform the renowned "Raptivity" (mostly known for the lyrical introduction "Warning: The Surgeon General of Chilltown, NY has determined...")

All the same with the 1983 renowned G-Force "Feel the Force" and 1986 "Sweet Susanne" (King Ronnie Gee)

To this day, said compositions of mine are uploaded on YouTube.

I was just a kid that yearned for a greater respectful recognition, so legal holdings suffered.

The crack designs did its deed in many lives of my once "closely knit" community, and I was no different.

In 1986, I began my first New York State prison experience.

The dark cloud of insanity dissipated, and, still a young black male, I had to keep my wavy hairstyle right. So, like those of myself and my Latin brothers, some whites included - had to wear a "du-rag".

Too often, we would have to keep adjusting the du-rag and re-brush our hair because the du-rag would be slipping it's hold as we lay to rest. Too often, we would remove the du-rag and have deep creases on our foreheads that took a long time to fade away - sometimes we'd get a dark discoloration on our foreheads as well, and we would get indented creases at the back of our heads. All strongly because of the string-like ties of the du-rag.

So, we started removing the elastic waist bands of our undershorts. We would cut to the measure of our head and fuse the ends of the bands together. We would wear the band in place of using the du-rag ties.

Our du-rag stopped slipping. We didn't have deep creases on our forehead, skin discoloration, nor the creases of the back of our heads.

Decades later, I realized how many young males (of all ethnic groups) are still wearing the wavy hairstyle. How they are still suffering to the creases and dark lines on their forehead, the creases in the back of their head and the du-rag slipping overnight.

I realized how so many are not familiar with the relief offered by the use of the du-rag band being used instead of the du-rag ties. I realize how in various prison systems they are still seeking relief from these problems with the same waist band designs of my youth.

Note: You can actually still use the du-rag ties along with the band - you merely don't tie the ties of the du-rag as tight as you would without the band. Therefore, you avoid the deep tie-set creases and discoloration - yet still get the hold you desire by use of the band.

Band/It is finally the low cost, durable, and much more fashionable, introduction of the relief available by use of the du-rag band.
And, as I said earlier, it's never really an issue of personal financial empowerment for me.

Nah, don't get me wrong, yes I would like to enjoy all the same comforts and sense of peace, as you would. Found in the family and personal securities of financial independence.

However, like those of my youthful past that taught and showed me the insurmountable peace of inner and social righteousness - a significant part of proceeds acquired by the national (as well as international) sales of Band/It will be in pursuit of social, economical, growth and overall "righteousness" of all despairingly challenged. The "righteous" pursuits of my youth remains synonymous to the "equality" pursuits of today.

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